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Open: 7:30am - 6:00pm

Additional Information

We have a newsletter each month to keep you updated on all our Nursery news.


Any excuse for a celebration, if there is something special happening i.e. it's your child's Birthday you are more than welcome to send a cake in.


Our Parent's evenings are in March & October and you will have an opportunity to speak to your Child's keyworker and review all your child's hard work.

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Partnership with Parents

We work hard to maintain good relationships with our parents as we believe they know their children best.  We take great pride in working towards meeting all of our parent’s requirements and needs.  Parents are the back bone of our foundation.  


We also hold Parents evenings where parents are invited to discuss their child's progress and development with their key worker.

What will they need for Nursery?


•A complete spare set of clothing labelled and in a clearly marked small drawstring bag.

•Comfortable clothes that they can get "messy in" during the day

•Any comforters or sleep aids

•Nappies & wipes if they are in nappies (easy access clothes please)

•Appropriate clothing (Sun hats, sun cream, Winter hats and gloves)

•Tooth brush with a cover.

Please Pick Me Up On Time

We realise emergencies do happen but please advise the Manager or Keyworker if you are going to be late as we do have to ensure that the right number of staff are stifi on duty to care for the children. It is for this reason that any child collected after 18.05 will incur a late charge. Please check with the Nursery Manager for our current rates. We operate a password system.


Fees include snacks, e.g. Toast, fruit & milk twice a day with a hot meal & dessert at Lunch time. Our resident Cook prepares meals. Fresh fruit & Veg are delivered daily.


Nursery vouchers are accepted and we work closely with the Medway Early Years Team.


We are Ofsted Inspected and a copy of our latest report is available for your perusal or on the Internet. Please feel free. To come along and see the Nursery. Please call Medway 845 724.


We look forward to welcoming both you and your child soon!


You will be required to sign a contract with the Nursery prior to your child starting at City Way and adhere to the conditions therein.


If I'm poorly at Nursery?


If your child is unwell during the course of the day you will be contacted by your Keyworker or the Manager either to:


•Let you know they are unwell but we are happy to keep them in the Nursery, and the decision is yours as to whether you collect early or not.

•Request that you collect your child from the Nursery as he/she is very unwell, distressed, and or potentially contagious.


Please ask at the nursery for a copy of the incubation & exclusion times for common childhood infections.

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